The conference will be held in the distributed networking format at:

The Plenary Session will be held at Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University

Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU) is one of the leading technical universities in Russia. In 2022, UlSTU will celebrate its 65th anniversary.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University is a recognized leader in the development of artificial intelligence systems and technologies for their use in various sectors of the economy. The scientific, educational and methodological potential of the university made it possible to win the competition for grant support to organizations for the development of bachelor’s and master’s programs in the field of artificial intelligence.

Every year, dozens of international conferences and symposiums in the field of artificial intelligence and its application in engineering and other applied fields are held on the basis of UlSTU:

  • International Scientific Conference Fuzzy Technologies in the Industry (FTI). In 2017, the conference was dedicated to the memory of the outstanding scientist of the 20th and early 21st centuries, the father of fuzzy logic Lotfi Zadeh. Lotfi Zade held the title of Honorary Professor of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University.

The diploma of the Honorary Doctor Lotfi Zade was presented by the professor of UlSTU Nadezhda Yarushkina.

A tour of the Zavolzhye industrial park took place as part of the FTI-2018 conference. The guests of the city also visited the Ulyanovsk Nanocenter.

The tour demonstrated the work of innovative laboratories and sites aimed at the synthesis of unique materials used in industry and construction (functional thin-film coatings, waterproofing coatings based on diatomite, lightweight concrete based on high-strength expanded clay, drainage concrete), as well as research in the field of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis and diagnosis of oncological diseases.

  • International scientific and technical conference: Interactive systems: problems of human-computer interaction.
  • International scientific-practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists “Computer science, modeling, design automation
  • All-Russian Conference Applied Information Systems.
  • All-Russian scientific and technical conference of graduate students, students and young scientists “Computer science and computer technology
  • Also on the basis of UlSTU in 2019, the Russian National Conference on Artificial Intelligence with international participation RNCAI-2019 was held ( Conference Proceedings were published in the “Communications in Computer and Information Science” series by Springer.

7 UlSTU researchers are members of the European and All-Russian Associations of Artificial Intelligence.

In UlSTU, together with DMG MORI, the Regional Technological Center for the Industrial Internet in Mechanical Engineering operates.

UlSTU graduate students can get education in five programs: “Artificial intelligence and big data analysis in image processing”, “Artificial intelligence in design automation”, “Artificial intelligence and business intelligence”, “Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics”, “Artificial intelligence and big data analysis in the banking sector.

Long-term participation in joint international projects and programs, support and development of partnerships with the world educational and business communities, successful training of foreign specialists have made UlSTU a recognized center of international cooperation in Russia.

Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov

Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov (SSTU) is one of the leading technical higher education institutions in Russia.

The mission, goals and development areas of SSTU are connected with the national Strategy-2030 of social and economic development of Saratov region.

SSTU has almost a hundred years history. Since its founding in 1930 as Saratov Automobile and Road Institute, it has grown into an impressive academic and research centre teaching top-ranked and highly employable specialists.

In 2011 SSTU was renamed in honour of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, and in 2017 it got a status of the Flagship University of Saratov region.

The new status was awarded as the evidence of SSTU’s commitment to academic and research excellence, its contribution into social and economic development of the region.

Today Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov comprises 10 institutes, 62 departments and 2 branches which offer over 190 degree programs (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.). It is the home for about 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

SSTU facilities are provided with hi-tech equipment. The campus is an attractive and comfortable area.

The degree programs are designed to prepare graduates that meet the standards of the Russian and world economies.

Among the faculty members one will find specialists from the leading companies and enterprises of the region who share their knowledge and skills through on-the-job training programs. The students are inspired to study new topics connected with getting the new skills and competences necessary for the current market trends giving significant career opportunities.

SSTU faculty members are dedicated to a long-standing tradition of research and have established an array of leading research schools covering information technologies, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, neurosciences, nanotechnologies, photonics, chemistry, materials science, civil transport systems, information and energy saving technologies, civil engineering and architecture.

The primary focus of the research interests of SSTU faculty members is to ensure effective and continuous links between the university research centres and enterprises and businesses to introduce their developments into the manufacturing process.

Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky

Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky is a modern innovative educational institution, which is proud of its glorious history and continuous dynamic development.

Saratov State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It was founded in 1909. At that time Saratov State Medical University was organized as the only faculty of the University which was the 10th in Russia. The founder and the first Rector was Professor Vassily Razumovsky, an outstanding surgeon. He is considered to be the founder of a neurosurgery school in Russia.

Over the years of its history the university has gone a long way and become one of the leaders of higher medical education in the Russian Federation, the alma mater of the outstanding prominent doctors, scientists and healthcare administrators. Saratov Medical University acts as the generator of scientific thought, energy source for scientific schools, which have become part of the history of medical science and continue to develop modern scientific research and innovative projects.

Today Saratov State Medical University offers high-quality educational services in all spheres of modern medicine and is in the top 100 of higher educational institutions of Russia. The university collective’s major aim is to provide students with elite professional education and help them to become high class professionals. The university intensively develops its research resources, its scientists are involved in breakthrough innovative projects. The university’s clinical centre is developing alongside with the dynamic development of modern medicine and is constantly implementing high-tech diagnostic and treatment methods into clinical practice.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, named after the famous Eastern philosopher and scholar al-Farabi, is one of the country’s largest  and oldest classical universities in Kazakhstan.

At the present time Al-Farabi KazNU is an intellectual corporation with a scientific and innovative infrastructure, meeting to advanced world analogues and consisting of 16 faculties, 8 research institutes, including the Center of Physico-Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis, the Science and Technology Park, and the National Nanotechnology Open Laboratory, more than 20 institutes and research centers of socio-humanitarian profile, the Business Incubator, the Commercialization Office and small innovative enterprises.

Politics of Al-Farabi KazNU in the field of quality is an integral element of university management and the basis for planning its educational activities. The university has a huge educational, scientific, spiritual, innovative and production potential, which is aimed at training highly qualified specialists, further integration into the global educational community, development of fundamental and applied research.

Al Farabi Kazakh National University Kazakhstan has the largest campus in Kazakhstan, with 100 hectares, in one of the most beautiful areas of Almaty.

In 2021, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University was named as one of the Top 500 Universities in the World.